Whats to blog about?

Well, everyone around me told me I should do a blog. “On what?” I kept saying. And then, I thought about it. Maybe I could say a few things about some of my life and times in the music and recording businesses that somebody may be interested in. Maybe not. Perhaps a few words here and there about where I may have been could even be helpful to somebody. Maybe! Or, maybe a little history of some things I’ve been through in my career. I’ve been to forty-two states and lived and worked in eleven. But many will say, “So what?” And rightly so. But maybe the person who has never left Podunk might be interested in what I might have to say. Maybe not. Later on I’ll be telling about how I could have been Elvis, and another story about turning down a career with the Four Freshmen.

But there is one observation I want to make from the start, and that is about reading what others have written or said in posts or blogs or even news articles. Frankly, practically anything we read nowadays stirs up feelings inside provoking thoughts on defending, attacking, siding etc., and our wanting to vent some of our own feelings about what was said. One might feel jealousy, resentment, self-righteousness, superiority, or a self proclaimed Ph D’s entitlement to know it all about everything. And what do we do next? We want to tell the bastard off. We look for any negative we can find and press on it. We quickly write a comment of what’s on our mind: right, wrong, good, bad or indifferent. Why? I guess because it makes us feel better in some way or proud. “I told that SOB off.” or “You’re such a loser.” or “You don’t know what the hell you’re taking about.” etc., etc., etc. So, where are the credentials to form these opinions? There aren’t any.

This is also reminiscent of some of us who, when watching television with others, have a negative comment about a character, a scene, a product, a band, a host, etc.

But really, right or wrong, who cares? We are all entitled to think what we want, dammit! And what I am getting to is this: Whatever I write, I know there will be those whose prime desire will be to start up with me, and say some strange and hurtful things in a possible attempt to upstage, be better and even attempt to prove me wrong and be better. In essence, one has to be the expert. “I know more than you do.” So, all I can say is this: If that somehow makes you better than thou, then go for it.

So, I guess I will say whatever I think I might need to say for whatever reason. If you get bored, which I am sure some will be, then change the channel. Granted, I don’t know it all, but just a little that maybe you never heard about and might want to hear more about some of my times in the music and recording business, and a little history.

So, no matter how you feel about what I might write, I invite you to comment, and no matter what you might write, I will truly appreciate your thoughts positive or negative, no matter what. So, stay tuned.

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