Just what are the real odds against making it big in the entertainment business? We’ll examine that area and expose a possible and probable area of thieves among thieves.

If you are on Twitter, you may have gotten something like this (quoted below), in response to a legit submission of a song or a demo recording, or video, which may or may not be a scam. It’s really hard to tell, but scrutiny is advised. My instincts tell me that this may have been a team of two posing as important contacts repping themselves and a major record company, only to lure and rip off hopefuls who have a big “nice” budget.

The flag was raised when the person made an excuse on Twitter of slow responding because he had 6000 emails to answer, but had the time to respond via direct email to me with a 500 word apparent form letter with the bottom written “Sent from my iPhone.” Don’t we all know what a pain it is to send just a few words from an iPhone? That was the first flag. Second was “hit ___ up now kid thanks great music by the way”. Kid? I’m no kid.  Third was “Make sure have a nice budget to start today with —.  Fourth was his big star name dropping “working with” with no apparent searchable credits to back it up.

The alert is that the possible scammer with over 18,000 following and followers may be baiting selected ones with the same or near same email. Note that I have not revealed the names nor the phone number he instructed to call. So please read and digest and if you receive this or similar, beware of the possible scam and judge for yourself. It is well worded and long, suggesting a form letter to impress and convince of a possible false sincerity, provided you have a large enough nest egg, or “nice budget,” and “You have a wonderful blessed night,” implying that he is trustworthy and holy.

The email is reminiscent of the typical Nigerian 419 scam letter with huge promises to the unwary if you pay them in front. And he implies that if you don’t have a “nice” budget”, then don’t bother calling — —— at (—) — —-.

This email was in response to my sending him a great MP3  to check him out. So please read and if it sounds familiar, please comment or DM me at Twitter @roughmixdon. Note that he loves what he is hearing, doesn’t know me from Adam but thinks I need more artist development. Go ahead and type this on the iPhone keypad and see how long it takes. You judge:

 “How are you? I love what I’m hearing. I just think you will need more artist development, you need Media base spins and Digital sales. Do you have a small or big budget for marketing and promotional services for your music career or label? Do have a buzz in the city you live in? If not I am not looking to sign. What I am looking for is an unsigned Artist with a big buzz, selling their music online, social network following and have the full package done. I have an A&R friend that does artist development with his company, I think he can really help you with your career with his company, I think he can really help you with your career skills, so once you have a professional package to present He will begin marketing and promoting your project to management companies, business funding agencies, Investors, record labels & booking agencies. He has work with the likes of The Wanted, Flo-rida, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna & He got The Weekend signed UMG.He also did some major work Breaking independent Artist MACKLE MORE & RYAN LEWIS  with his music video for his second single can’t hold us. He got them over 20.2 M views here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zNSgSzhBfM .Far as marketing and promotions go he can help you he has a lot of great Artist Development and marketing skills, hit — up now kid thanks great music by the way. I just need you to build a little more buzz… so I will be watching you’re online to see how it’s going. Remember you must have a budget if you hit him up. Please call — I am out of town!!! Call — —— now it’s very important A.S.A.P!!! He can get the music on radio & in all the clubs call my friend — he can help you with your online and radio!!! For more info contact — ——, at (—)— —– if you are ready to work Call Him Now! If You Have the Budget to work today! Make sure have a nice budget to start today with — don’t waste his time he a business man and he can get you where you need to be. I will be watching your online and the promotions he will do for you and I hope you don’t let me down with this contact. Please call him now don’t mess up this opportunity I am giving an important contact don’t mess this up I need to see you built a buzz before I showcase you. You have a wonderful blessed night and looking forward to the future! Call him now I’m very interested just needs to see more Going on before I commit to doing any showcases or setting up any meeting. I think with the right guidance you could do well as an artist. If you open to taking my advice as an artist?”

There are literally thousands of hopefuls out there with the great big dreams of being a star, and the odds against this happening are about as much as winning the New Jersey Lottery. While it is true that with a lot of hard work and time to practice and knocking on doors, one can help sustain a living at least in the entertainment biz. But like all other areas the thieves are lurking, searching, and looking to spot one or more of the young, eager and hungry for success hopefuls who may have some hard earned money, or maybe even ready to spend their life savings to get known.

And along comes the Joe Success Maker saying: “for x amount, (nice budget) I can make you a star.” Gullible Suzie or Jimmie Wannabe falls for the scam and winds up broke.

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