Super Bowl should be two games (and one more if there is a tie) Also added about races

Super Bowl and/or Sudden Death in Any Race Sucks

As of April 16, 2014, I am adding my thoughts to this post to include any game or race that ends with seconds or a fraction of a second of a winner being declared the champion. I have watched over and over about horse races being won by a hair, and of course, I’ve expressed below about the Super Bowl, any and all contests which imply that second place is just isn’t good enough to be declared a champion or the champion. I can relate to the awful feeling of losing a race or a game by such a very small amount of time, or twist of fate.

lipton cup

Home page of Smyrna Yacht Club Site

I was drawn to follow the Smyrna Beach, Florida Regatta over the past weekend, where my son, John, of Meehan’s Irish Pub in St Augustine (some of the best damn food in Florida) was racing his sailboat in the annual event. The Smyrna Yacht Club Website states above on the homepage:  “This is the one sailing event in the southeastern United States where you have a chance to have your name engraved for posterity on a historic Lipton Cup Trophy…Such a historic trophy sits in the trophy case at Smyrna Yacht Club…”

The race was three days and I was kind of heartbroken to receive this from John when he  wrote:

“This is amazing and upsetting. We lost a place in first race by two seconds, lost 1st place in second race by 12 seconds and lost first place in last race by 38 seconds. If we were 52 seconds faster over three races we would have won the entire event. It just shows every second and detail counts.”

But seconds away from first place doesn’t mean he is not a champion, and I guess I’ll go on forever with those thoughts, and not to echo the words, “better luck next time,” since I understand the work and the determination to be out there striving to be the very best you can be. And I really know that John was the very best that he can be. And in my books, he is a true winner and champion! And I am damn proud! CONGRATLATIONS JOHN!

 Now, on to thoughts about the Superbowl.

There should be at least two games in the Super Bowl. The sudden death thing is totally unfair, I believe. Two great teams and maybe one little screw-up in the last minutes doesn’t make that team inferior and shouldn’t cost them the crown. Two games could be a better way of deciding the champions. And then, if they screw up again they are a decided loser. And if they both win one, then play a third one.

Not much in this post about music and recording, except that when I am practicing my piano and guitar scales on the weekend, I’m usually glued to the TV watching football games. And I have to say that there is nothing more exciting than to watch a football game in the last one or two minutes with all the suspense of each team striving to win, with a crowd of fifty to seventy-five thousand screaming, and NFL transmitting to millions all over the globe. And suddenly, someone fumbles, or there is an interception, or some other little goof by one player, or a sack, a missed pass, onside kick gone bad, or running the clock down in the last seconds. All of these things happen to even the best teams with the best players. And who is the best team when one wins a game early in the season and loses to the other team later on?

Is it really fair that one of these little screw-up’s can decide the champ, especially at the Super Bowl? I don’t think so, and I’d like to spread the word with my thinking and hope we can get a campaign going. All of these things seem to prove that more than one game is needed to win as world champions. It seems apparent that a series is in order or at least two games. What do you think? I think it is really unfair and should follow the lead of the World Series and there should be two games, and a third to break a tie. And if that one is sudden death then so be it, since they both had their shot at it. But at least it would be more fair than the way it is now.

The suspense that would be created is beyond words, plus it would be giving the opportunity for many more thousands to see the games most probably in two different cities in two or three weekends. This is not to mention the many millions more that would be spent by fans attending the games, plus the million dollar thirty second ads for the network.



Beaumont High School football star, Max Greiner

My first fascination with football began with my photography interests, when my close-up photo of my sister’s cat was in a national contest up against Beaumonter (Texas) photographer, Dick Fullbright’s photo of Beaumont High’s coach, L.B. Griffith in a tense moment at the bench during a game telling star football player Max Greiner what to do. Dick won first place and I got “Honor of Achievement” which encouraged me to be a photographer for the rest of my school days. And that year found me with my lousy camera, photographing for the yearbook, all the players, the teams, Greiner, and friend J.P. (Big Bopper) Richardson, who was also a star player,


JP AND max

J.P. (Big Bopper) Richardson #85   Max Greiner #82

Next, I decided that I wanted to play football and I went out for the try outs. Well, I was all suited up in my armor, and the coach lined us up to tackle the runners from the A team. Little did I know. I stood there crouched as Max Greiner came flying at me with the ball at God knows how many miles per hour. Next thing I knew, I was on the ground not knowing what hit me. Well, that was it for me and playing football. I learned later from J.P., who was also kicking some butt out there, that this was a tactic of the coaches to weed out some of us dummies who thought we could be football stars; have the star players throw us on our butts. He would put the biggest and strongest all-stars he had out there to discourage us wannabes. And after that, I assure you that I did not wannabe a football player. I wished that J.P had told me sooner but then he said it was a secret the coaches didn’t want to get out.



Well, Max Greiner starred for four years on the Texas A&M team and I never saw him again, and of course, you know about J.P. Never had to tangle with J.P. We stood side by side in the chorus singing tenor for that year.

It’s kind of funny though that every time I turn on a football  game I think of those times and those guys, and laugh about it and think of how much I love to watch games nowadays. When the weekend comes I usually have a game on no matter what I might be doing. In fact, right now I am channeling back and forth between a Carolina and Miami game and a New York Jets and Baltimore game. Forty-six seconds to go and Carolina scores four over Miami. Now with thirty-eight seconds to go Miami is trying hard to score and win. Ten seconds to go and a pass is missed on the one yard line. One more play and he can’t find a receiver. He’s sacked and its over, Carolina by four. Had that receiver caught that pass with ten seconds to play, Miami would have won. It was long and right into his hands but he missed it. And that’s the way it goes with football. The network quickly goes to a load of commercials and then to Minnesota and Green Bay tied at twenty-six even and in sudden death overtime and three minutes to play. Back and forth and now it’s two minutes to go. Green Bay has it now with one minute to go. Then it was twenty-four seconds with Green Bay on their own twenty. Now, it is one second and it wraps up with a tie. And here I thought there had to be a winner.

Later, in another game Dallas, in the last ten seconds broke a tie with a field goal over the New York Giants.

So, it is these kinds of last minute happenings that really make a sudden death one game Super Bowl unfair. And what happens in the Super Bowl with a game tied like this one? There’s not a winner? I wish there was a channel that would take only the last two minutes of all the games and transmit them, especially the close ones. That would be most exciting. But let’s hear it for having two Super Bowl games and one to break a tie.

In Your Dreams

What about dreams?

My dreams are weird most all of the time, I have found. But have you ever awoken in the middle of a dream and wanted to go back to sleep and see what happened? I have, many times. Rather frustrating I would say. In a way, dreams are another form of a miracle of our sometimes neglected brain. We tend to take life for granted at times and forget about the millions of cells within our bodies and our organs, that all have to be working right all of the time in order for us to function.

Our senses are most important in our daily lives, and being able to walk a distance and to use our hands and fingers with precision and ease are sometimes taken for granted daily by many of us. The somewhat simple task of buttoning a shirt that we do without even thinking about it is a small miracle within itself. The action of the fingers is just incredible. The same goes for learning and playing a musical instrument. And what about typing? After awhile the action of the fingers just becomes automatic.

But what abut our brains? Probably the most significant miracle in the whole universe, and none of the things I mentioned could be accomplished without the smooth workings of our brain. To me, the brain is just totally incredible, and most of us, I guess just don’t even give a thought about the miracle of the brain. They’ve come a long way in the study of the brain but there is still a long way to go.

Getting back to our dreams, I can’t help but to be totally fascinated with my dreams sometimes, all being carried out by that pound or so of whatever up there that makes up the brain. I have had many dreams about my music in a lot of weird and crazy circumstances. Of course, I don’t remember many of them at all now except maybe just a couple. I guess that’s the way it is. But last night, I had one that most probably focused on what I am spending a lot of time on these days, listening and mixing records. And I also dreamed that I was writing about it.

I dreamed that I had a music track up on the computer and was playing it over and over again checking to hear everything. I wasn’t mixing. I was just listening. I remember that I actually heard the instruments that I was listening for. First it was the bass, then the drums, then the vocal. It was most amazing that my brain had actually reproduced the sounds and that I actually heard them in the dream. And of course, there was no music playing in the bedroom.

I reckon that lately, since I have been glued to the computer, recording, listening and mixing music was most likely the reason for that dream. But I guess I’ll never have an answer as to why this occurred, plus the fact that in the dream there were actual sounds of the instruments and voice. And now I remember nothing about it. How does our brain do it, and what about the full spectrum of colors? We don’t dream in black and white, do we?

I had a dream recently that I should record one of my old songs again. The story of that song was that I went to the Copyright Office in D.C. a few years ago and discovered that the publisher who had signed that song had not renewed the copyright timely, which had left it to be in the public domain. It happened to be an old recording on RCA, and I wrote about it here before in a post, “Elvis, Hank and Me – and Steve; Tom, Horace, Chet, Owen, Tommy and Jerry, Steve Sholes and Colonel Tom Parker had high hopes of making me a star.” Well, that SOB. Why would he do such a thing, or not do such a thing without notifying, me?

It pissed me off for a number of years, and then one night I had a vivid dream that I should record that song again in a contemporary manner in today’s standards. There was nothing in the dream that it may not be mine and nothing about the publisher letting it slide. But it brought up a lot of questions, like, and if I did, would it be mine, or would it be from the public domain? Would I have to rewrite it and change it somewhat to claim a new copyright? Would I have to claim it “arranged by?” etc., etc.

But I will say that since the memories of that dream still linger, I guess I need to give it really serious thought about recording it again due to all the circumstances surrounding the original goings on regarding it. Although written as traditional country, it could very well go contemporary and fit into today’s county groove.

One last thought to pass along about recording on computers with today’s standards is that I wish I could have a dream about some good advice as to what to do and what not to do regarding music and backups. I have no advice to give on the subject since I thought I did all the right things when I recently had to have Windows reinstalled on my computer because someone had hacked me. I dreaded it with literally hundreds of thousand of files to save and back up. I was in the middle of writing and recording a new song. I had the lyric filed somewhere in Word and it took me hours to finally find it. I had laid down about twenty tracks in the Logic Pro X program along with a scratch vocal that established the melody. I didn’t write the melody down like I usually do, because I guess I thought I would remember it. But I didn’t. I had long forgotten the melody, and with no written music lead sheet, I was secure in the fact that the vocal was there with all the other tracks and would be easily found.

Well, guess what. When I finally located the Logic package, all but three tracks were missing and were nowhere to be found, including that scratch vocal. So now, I have some drums, bass, and piano with a lyric and no melody, seventeen tracks missing and I can’t remember the melody. Is that maybe an omen that I should rewrite it or maybe just toss it? And is the dream that I should record the other song again also an omen? Stay tuned.