The Miracle of Life

I watched a most incredible video the other day of the world’s fastest guitar player in a most incredible performance of playing The Flight of the Bumble Bee. He began by playing it “slow” that really wasn’t so very slow at 170 beats per minute with an audience and an associate in view marking off each rendition to prove that there was no editing or speeding it up in editing. He then played it at the 250 beats per minute and worked up until it was at an unbelievable 999 beats per minute. It was just totally amazing to watch the coordination of the two hands working together in perfect synchronization, with the left hand fingers playing the notes on the fingerboard and the right hand picking each note. It is just one great demonstration of what the human brain in our lives is capable of. Such a miracle. (See the video here)

I look around me daily to newly discover the miracle of life. It is present in millions, if not billions of ways, in plants, animals, the poor little sparrow constantly and daily searching for its next meal, and most obvious in human life itself. I watched in total amazement recently, a television documentary about the growth of the baby in the womb. We don’t realize what a magnificent miracle this is. But to watch it and how scientists and doctors have achieved ways of observing the baby developing his/her brain, senses and hearing, and all dependant on the mother for life support until that great day of birth, is just indescribable. And many look upon this great miracle as an accident, or just nature, or some other insignificant way to explain it away.

Life is just so precious. It is just so hard if not totally impossible to understand the thinking of those who treat the miracle of life with such disregard. But this observation truly refers to those who look on the lives of others besides themselves, with disregard and insignificance. The real question here is whether we as a civilization of educated human beings have even grown a little bit in our thinking about the value of a human life. Are we much different now than in earlier times of human sacrifice, instant justice, hangings, torturing, feeding to the lions, crucifixion? Apparently we are not.

Even in these modern times of our existence and advanced technology and knowledge, the so-called wheels of justice, and/or injustice now grind out of control. When a person designated as “judge” in our society, or a selected jury of our “peers” are swayed in a dramatic effort by a heartless prosecutor to win at all costs and to find one guilty to be punished for life in prison, or put to death, shows a society that has not gone forward, but somehow, has slipped backward. A Dallas prosecutor wants to see prosecutors of this type get prison time. A former Texas prosecutor charged over a wrongful murder conviction agreed to a 10-day jail sentence, accepting the punishment in front of the innocent man he helped put in prison for nearly 25 years.  He served four days but is off the bench forever.

The attitudes of these heartless beings won’t change, and that is regrettable. One wonders, “how can that person or persons, sleep at night?” (See Article here) And the big question is, what if anything can turn that person’s mind around and into the thinking about the question? Considering all of the questions of guilt or innocence, and possible withheld, lack of or fraudulent or fabricated evidence, do we have the right to falsify evidence and then judge whether a man lives or dies or spends the rest of his life in a prison? Could it be that one of those thrown away may have a brain that might just have a cure for a dreaded incurable disease up there tucked away in his brain if given the chance to study it and research it?

Lastly, I went back to Youtube and saw that I missed that guitar player that played the Flight of the Bumble Bee at an  incredible speed of 4000 beats per minute. (See at here) I don’t know. You be the judge if he is faking it or not.


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