Scammer Baiting News Continued

This is a continuation of the post about “Sister” Anna Maria and his/her efforts to retrieve money in a Nigerian Scam sneak attack through LinkedIn, by offering me 12.5 million dollars. The purpose of this is to warn all who choose to listen of how the Nigerian scammers (called 419 scammers) have infiltrated the world with their well planned scams to appear to give millions for nothing. As we all have been warned since birth, something for nothing just doesn’t happen and nothing is free. See where Nakhon Ratchasima police in Thialand have arrested a Nigerian man for allegedly duping a Thai woman into sending him tens of thousands of baht after leading her to believe he wanted to marry her. When you get to the YouTube site you will see dozens of cases of busting the criminals.

And so, after sending Anna Maria the letter as was in my last post, lo and behold, they screwed up and I received the exact same original email through LinkedIn again, starting over as if no other communication had existed. It was the exact same (form?) letter as she/he first sent, beginning with:

“Beloved one in the Lord
I am Mrs Anna Maria Agara, Am sorry to come into your privacy. I want to hand over this noble project to you with trust.i have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer .It has defied all forms of medical treatment, right now, I have only about a few months to live and I want you to distribute my funds($12.5 MILLION US DOLLARS) to charities home as my promise to God.i have set aside 40% for you and your family.

“please i want you to stand as new beneficiary of my husband fund,and i will make sure that the bank transfer the money into your account,all the document is with my attorney Recently my Doctor told me that I would not last for the next four months due to cancer problem, though what disturbs me most is my stroke. Having known my Condition, I decided to donate this fund to church or Better still a Christian individual that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein.” I want you to use this money support churches, Orphanages, Research centers and widows propagating the Word of God and to ensure that the house of God is Maintained…”

Throughout their campaigns the scammers demand secrecy, and you are not to tell a soul. Then, they want you to give your bank account number so they can transfer the funds. DON’T EVER DO IT. They will rob you of every penny if you do. Well, for some good clean fun, see the scam baiters at these websites, “playing 419 scammers at their own game.”,, and

If you are up for it, they all present good advice to wear the bastards down but warn not no to piss them off, threaten them or call them names, for fear of retaliation of sending you a virus, etc. So I continued with the religious game that they had started in the first place. This time I pulled out all the stops with my writing and brainstorming. So far, not a word. Some may say I am sacrilegious, but no, I am playing their game but by my rules. But also, perhaps I put the fear of Goid into them as you will see. They are going to the extreme playing their holiness card and so am I, merely trying to tell them what they want (or may not want) to hear, and going to my creative extreme. But in this case they may not want to hear me telling them that God is watching and may send them directly to hell, not passing “GO” and not collecting the $200 as in Monopoly. But you and I can laugh a little if they believe it. And this is how my new reply went:

“Dear Sister of the Lord, Anna Maria Agara, I am very sorry for your loss of your husband and the awful state of sickness you are in but I have some wonderful news about that, below, which you will rejoice over from now to kingdom come.

“As soon as I received your email from you, I hurried over for my daily meeting with my Priest friend at the church, Monsignor Yehudi Houdini. He is the illegitimate son of one of the greatest violinists of the 20th century,  Yehudi Menuhin. Monsignor Houdini (He likes to be called Yahoody) is probably one of the greatest cellists in the USA now, and he wears his hair, mustache, and beard exactly like Jesus did. We both play in the local symphony orchestra, and it is just an awesome Heavenly sight, and people come from miles away just to see what appears to be Jesus sitting there with utmost emotion playing and praying every single note on his historic Andrea Amati cello from 1600. You would think you were sitting right next to Jesus when with Monsignor Houdini.

“When we meet daily in the reconciliation room at the church to play and pray together, I accompany him and sometimes he goes into a deep trance while playing. I asked him today to pray for Anna Maria, beloved Sister of the Lord. I told him of your unfortunate circumstances, a widow in mourning with only a few months to live and to serve the Lord. He prayed and lo and behold by the grace of God, he went into one of his deep trances and then began to play the song “There by the Grace of God.” And then he started to sing,

“And all the drugs in the world
Can’t save us from ourselves
Victims with the saddest hearts
Passing by the grace of god
There by the grace of god

With grace we will suffer
With grace we shall recover
There by the grace of god
There by the grace of god”

“I wasn’t too sure of the chords in the song and had to fake it in order to accompany him. His lips moved again with no sound as if he was speaking to the Lord, and gazing up in front of him. And then he smiled as he shook his head in an affirmative manner, while he played the blessed notes. And then he stopped playing.

“He turned to me and said, ‘God has spoken to me, and Sister Anna Maria must be told that she is not to worry, that she is NOT yet ready to enter into my Kingdom, and that she has much work to do, and that she may live to be a hundred earth years, a very small fraction of eternity in hell if she disobeys my codgeric, eccentric, enthusiastic, elastic words.’

“And then, Yahoody said to me, that the Lord wants Sister Anna Maria to enter the convent and become a nun to serve Him in the greatest way possible for a little sister of the Lord. She is not to deliver the 12.5 million dollars to Don Meehan, but to only deliver half of that and to work with him across continents to achieve a better number of events to promote her causes of her charitable desires. She will work from inside and he will work from outside. And she is not to question Don Meehan’s favor of God’s love,  generosity and kindness.

“And the Lord also told Yahoody, ‘I will be watching over both the sister and the brother to do my bidding, and they both shall adhere faithfully to my Commandments. And let not even one soul question my words. Now, go in peace my son and deliver the message firm and strong in my name.'”

“The Monsignor was quite shaken and was in a state of shock after the apparition. He then said that the Lord told him of a secret about Sister Anna Maria that shall not be revealed until after the trust fund transfer is accomplished, and that the transfer should be accomplished immediately. And the Lord told him that many questions have to be answered first and the Barraster Lawyers of Sister Anna and of Brother Don must talk and agree before anything transpires, such as personal information. But he warned again that Sister Anna Maria and her Barraster (Bare-ass-ter) lawyer, especially, must follow His Commandments or suffer grave consequences of an eternity in hell with Satan if they do not.”

I continued writing to her, “Beloved Monsignor Yehudi Houdini strongly advised me that I should listen to the words of the Lord. And so, I will follow the Lord’s direction and wait for your reply, in deep anticipation that it will be soon.”

And so far, after 11 days now, no further word has come from the criminals, posing as brothers and sisters of the Lord trying to steal what they can from unwary strangers. Feel free to follow my line if you by chance hear from them.


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