A Great Event Is About To Happen In The Audio Industry


I’ve been so doggone busy with my Indiegogo Campaign that I have neglected to post any new posts. So let me just say that probably the most important words I can say here right now is to ask all my readers to support me in my campaign to promote my newly issued Patent on my Miniaturized Loudspeaker Placement Platform. After four years of frustrating times, some of which were told here, it finally came in February.






 John Fox enjoying a video game

And I’d like for you to be part of the team making the next big leap into the world of listening to music, movies and playing video games in 5.1.

This is my invitation to one and all to come aboard for a most exciting adventure. I need your help to promote my recently Patented miniature 5.1 surround sound listening system of loudspeaker placement.

First, if I reach my goal, I’ll be showing it at America’s largest Inventors Trade show, INPEX (Invention And New product Exposition) in June at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center.



My Patent is based on my startling discovery that little loudspeakers can sound  the same at a few INCHES away, as they do at a few FEET away.

Hundreds of the biggest and best companies in the US will be at the Inpex Show, scouting to find, and take on new and unique inventions either by buying a patent outright or licensing to manufacture and sell. I will consider all ways.

You probably know that the costs for exhibiting in a high class trade show like this one can be very  high, and individuals, as well as companies, spend thousands to put their best foot forward.

Soon after the show, if we get the funds, I’ll introduce and demonstrate the invention to fellow recording engineers and mixers, audio enthusiasts, and speaker companies in Philadelphia, New York and Nashville. I’ll also be inviting the press.

I’ve included the budget at the Indiegogo site, and if we exceed that amount, I’ll just keep plugging away, and show in more places like Chicago and L.A., and maybe more, and try to get on national TV. And if we go way over, I might even consider starting a company to make and distribute the platforms.

If you make a pledge of any amount, you’ll be invited to one of the showings, and you can bring your favorite video game, music or movies to try it out, or just bring yourself.

We’ll mount an extensive press campaign to all the trades with our 600 word releases also going to at least 100,000 journalists, twice.

Thus, the newly Patented Miniaturized Loudspeaker Placement Platform





So, a movie, music or a game addict, and even we STUDIO engineers, can crank it up at 3 AM, and not bother the neighbors. But now, I really need you to make a PLEDGE.

It was hard to come up with perks and incentives related to my invention, so, I decided to offer some of the finest dining places in the country and some famous jazz, country, classical, and Irish music places as perks and here’s a few:

New York’s

21 Club

Four Seasons

Carnegie Deli


NY Philharmonic Orch. at Lincoln Center

Meehan’s Irish Pub in St. Augustine, FL

Philly’s Old Ship Moshulu Restaurant

Grand Ole Opry 

So, how did all of this come about?

I got the idea a few years ago when I was shooting my miniatures. I’m also a miniature craftsman and have made little working chandeliers, some of which are in museums.  was writing my book, The Fine Art of Photographing Miniatures, especially chandeliers and rooms, and how to make them look like they’re real and FULL size. I was setting up the lighting and the camera to shoot a colonial room my wife had built.


 Note that the camera is only inches away at that established eye level of about four inches (four feet) off the floor

Seeing as how the furniture and chandelier looked so real at only a few inches away, I wondered how little SPEAKERS might sound from inches away. So, I went to work experimenting, and my research revealed that the intensity of sound levels drops off in inches just like it does in feet, and in the same proportions. Acting the same as light does in its intensity, they both follow the Inverse Square Law. The Patent Examiners, after intensive searching “prior art” Patents, found that no one had ever come up with this idea and after four years, issued my Patent.

Thus, the newly Patented Miniaturized Loudspeaker Placement Platform.

So I am asking everyone who reads this to help me get to that important show, where I can shout it all out to those important companies and then on to the three big city demonstrations RECORDING PROFESSIONALS AND SPEAKER COMPANIES. And, with your much needed help, that right company will find us, and we’ll get the word out to everyone. Make a pledge and I’ll appreciate it, MORE than you’ll ever know. And if you can get to Pittsburgh, I will be getting a limited number of badges to see the show. If not at Pittsburgh, at least you’re invited to one of the demonstrations. Well, I hope to see you there.

Oh, I forgot to mention that my smart ass-istant “Buck” made the first pledge of a buck and wanted change for a five..


Wouldn’t keep his mouth shut


And he finally got “all wrapped up.”

 And now, he is one of the perks.



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