Another Donald Speaks Out re The Holidays

“Its December” is a holiday song that includes the beliefs of those other than Christian.

From this Donald to that other Donald: My new song, IT’S DECEMBER, is my answer to Thee Donald’s campaign to obliterate every December holiday celebration, every other belief system, and good times from December existence, all except Christmas. I also love Christmas time, and I also respect all the other beliefs. My new song, IT’S DECEMBER at from my new CD of the same title, may be the first song that mentions the celebration of Hannukka, Christmas and Kwanzaa. And by the way, Starbucks coffee in their red cups and all their other stuff is the best. After giving a lot of thought about the December holidays, I felt it appropriate to write a song that expressed appreciation for all the thoughts and beliefs of all others besides Christians, and their God given right to believe in other than just Christmas, and the birth of Jesus.

My It’s December album, released last December and up for sale and listening on about 28 different websites, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and CDBaby, features some Christmas songs and an arrangement of “Silent Night” suggests a Silent Night Christmas event on a far off planet. An Ebay video of it at drives the message home. And my song, “It’s December, I believe, may be the first holiday song ever to mention and underline the celebration of the other holidays in December, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, the arrival of Winter on the 21st, and kids like me loving the snow, and wishing it wouldn’t end. Not just about Christmas. You can hear it at

So, please give it a listen and if you agree with my thinking, please spread the word, and maybe we can get enough ears to hear a different point of view than what that other Donald may be demanding about only celebrating s december cd photo