About Me


With a long career in the music and recording business, I have a few tales from the trenches. I’m also a longtime proponent of overdubbing in the recording field and I have quite a few overdub stories to tell. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term “overdub,” it is the process in which one records over his/her voice or instrument once or twice or more, or over two hundred like I have done with America The Beautiful. This time I’m going to document everything, videotape, have witnesses and maybe even have the record go into… Well, I can’t mention a name just yet, but I think you know who I mean.

Presently, I’m going for another world record of overdubbing my voice on Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus, singing all the voices: soprano, alto, tenor and bass. When I reach my goal of 175 to 200 voices, I’ve been invited to play it back a cappella in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York, and record and use the fabulous echo to add to the final mix. Right now I’m up to 126 voices and here’s a short demo with a little rhythm – HALLELUJAH MULTIPHOTO3

And later on, I’ll be adding some drums, bass, guitars, piano, organ and maybe even some fiddle and steel, with some world class studio players.